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Organizing committee:
Luc Lebel
Université Laval, FORAC

Jeff Benjamin
University of Maine

Daniel Beaudoin
Université Laval, FORAC

Jean-François Gingras

Sophie D'Amours
Université Laval, FORAC

Denise Dubeau
Ministère des Ressources Naturelles et de la Faune, Québec

Pierre-Serge Tremblay
Université Laval

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SUNDAY June 12
18:00 Registration
Hôtel Classique, 2815 Boulevard Laurier, Québec

MONDAY June 13
07:00 Registration (COFE, COFE + VCO Summer School)
Hall - Kruger Building

08:00 Welcome - Kruger Building, Room 2330
Dr. Robert Beauregard, Dean, Faculté de foresterie, de géographie et de géomatique
Dr. Luc Lebel, Annual meeting Chair

08:30 The Extensive and Complex Supply Chain of a Turnkey Logging Contractor of the Boreal Forest
Réjean Paré, Rémabec inc.

09:15 The Challenge of Supplying Timber From Across the USA-Canada Border to Produce Innovative Forest Products
Charles Tardif, Maibec
10:00 Break - Cafeteria Abitibi-Price
10:30 The Challenges of Engineering the Forest Value Chain
Jean-François Gingras, FPInnovations
11:15 Move for Session 1 or 2
Session 1
Kruger Building, Room 2330
Session 2
Abitibi-Price Building, Room 1160
11:20 Routing of Self-Loading Logging Trucks in Sweden
Dag Fjeld, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Forest Biomass for Soil Protection From Machine Off-Road Traffic
Dirk Jaeger, University of New Brunswick

11:40 Designing Value Chain Improvements for an Eastern Oregon Poplar Plantation Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning Technology
Glen Murphy, Oregon State University
The Impact of Brush Mats on Forwarder Surface
Eric R. Labelle, University of New Brunswick
12:00 Lunch - Cafeteria Abitibi-Price
13:20 FPInnovations Tools to Improve Trucking Management
Dave Lepage, FPInnovations
Equipment Mix and Operating Strategies Utilized by Logging Businesses Producing Biomass in the Piedmont of Virginia
Scott Barrett, Virginia Tech

13:40 Fast Truck: A truck Scheduling System to Improve the Transport Efficiency of In-Field Chipping Operations
Mauricio Acuna, University of Tasmania
Deep Tillage Can Improve Soil Physical Quality and Forest Productivity
David H. McNabb, ForestSoil Science Ltd.

14:00 A Two-Stage GIS-Based Suitability Model for Siting Biomass-to-Biofuel Plants and Its Application in West Virginia
Jinzhuo Wu, West Virginia University
High Tonnage Forest Biomass Production Systems from Southern Pine Energy Plantations
Tom Gallagher, Auburn University

14:20 What is the Best Rigging Configuration to Use in New Zealand Cable Logging Operations?
Rien Visser, University of Canterbury
In-Wood Screening of Wood Grindings for Biomass Feedstock Applications
Cory Dukes, University of Georgia

14:40 Applying Statistical Process Control to Feller Bunchers in Maine
Jeffrey Benjamin, University of Maine
Transpirational Drying Effects on Energy and Ash Content from Whole-Tree Chipping Operations in a Southern Pine Plantation
Jason Cutshall, University of Georgia
15:00 Break - Cafeteria Abitibi-Price
15:20 The People Side of Timber Harvesting
Wendy Farrand, Director of communications, Professional Logging Contractors of Maine and the Trust to Conserve the Northeast Forestlands
Preparing for a Forest Biomass Industry in Newfoundland and Labrador
Sean Greene, Department of Natural Resources, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

15:40 The Human Element in the Forest Value Chain: Necessary Conditions
John Garland, Oregon Sate University
Chip Properties From Operational Harvests of Pine Stands in the Southern US
Shawn Baker, University of Georgia

16:00 A Description of Forest Industries and Occupations with Focus on Forestry Workers’ Jobs and Injury and Illness Surveillance
Mathew Smidt, Auburn University
Changes in Fuel Quality of Logging Residues During Field Storage in Northwestern Ontario
Shuva Gautam, Université Laval

16:20 Getting More Value From the Tolerant Hardwood Harvest Through Sorting and Merchandizing
Steve D’Eon, Canadian Wood Fibre Centre
Modeling Wood Biomass Procurement for Bioenergy Production at the Atikokan Generating Station in Northwestern Ontario
Reino Pulkki, Lakehead University

16:40 Solving a Multi-Period Log-Truck Scheduling Problem with Column Generation
Greg Rix, École polytechnique de Montréal
A Generic Process Model for Delivery Scheduling of Biofuels in Sweden
Magnus Haapaniemi, VMF Qbera, Falun

  Air Quality on Biomass Harvesting Operations
Dana Mitchell, USDA Forest Service
No presentation
Harvesting Small Trees for Bio-Energy
John Klepac, USDA Forest Service
No presentation

17:15 Business meeting for COFE members
Abitibi-Price Building, Room 1111

08:00 Field trip
Following the value chain...from small trees to big profits
Departure and arrival: South entrance of Abitibi-Price Building Coffee offered at the meeting point from 7:45

Spouse Program

19:00 Social and evening meal (Manoir Montmorency)

07:45 Annual Meeting Breakfast - COFE members only
Kruger Building Room 2330

08:00 VCO Summer School Registration
Hall - Abitibi-Price building
  Abitibi-Price Building, Room 1160
09:00 Denis Brière, Rector, Université Laval

09:10 Improving the Logistic Operations in the Forest Supply Chain
Mikael Rönnqvist, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration

10:00 VCO Network and Research Program
Sophie D’Amours, Université Laval
Darrell Wong, FPInnovations
10:30 Break & Posters - Cafeteria Abitibi-Price
Session 3
Kruger Building, Room 2330
Session 4
Abitibi-Price Building, Room 1160
10:50 Assessment of Innovation in Maine’s Logging Industry
Ian Stone, University of Maine
ICT Deployement Strategy in Aquitaine WSC: the ExploTIC Project Breakthrough
Morgan Vuillermoz, Institut Technologique FCBA

11:10 Influence of Wood Value on Optimal Type of Thinning
Michel Soucy, Université de Moncton
A SCOR-Based Framework to Portray Wood Supply Systems – Preliminary Results from the United-States, France and Chile
Jean-François Audy, Université Laval

11:30 Potentials of Possible Machine Systems for Directly Loading Logs in Cut-to-Length Harvesting
Ola Lindroos, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Log Yard and Sawmill Operations Coordination
Daniel Beaudoin, Université Laval
11:50 Lunch - CAFETERIA Abitibi-Price
13:20 Value Chain in Process Industry
Matthias Kannegiesser, Associated Consultant A.T. Kearney

14:20 A Review of Skidding Distances Method Under Variable Retention Harvesting Considerations
Osvaldo Valeria, Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue (UQAT)
Case Study of Integrating On-Board Computers in Northern Ontario’s Forest Supply Chains
Serge Laforest, Lakehead University

14:40 A Mathematical Formulation for the Location of Logging Camps
Sanjay Jena, Université de Montréal
Demand-Driven Harvest Scheduling
Géraldine Gemieux, Université de Montréal
15:00 Break & Posters - Cafeteria Abitibi-Price
15:20 Effect of Timber Harvesting Guidelines on Felling and Skidding Productivity in Northern Minnesota
Charlie Blinn, University of Minnesota
Cut-to-Length Wood Procurement Planning Model: Exact and Hybrid Approaches
Amira Dems, École polytechnique de Montréal

15:40 Improved Skidding for Small Scale Biomass Harvesting Systems
Taylor Burdg, Auburn University
Knowledge Management as a Mean to Improve Performance in the Forest Industry Value Chain
Elaine Mosconi, Université Laval

16:00 Productivity and Cost of Two Methods of Transporting Energywood from Stump to Landing in a Tree-Length Southern Pine Clearcut
Chad Bolding, Virginia Tech
Customer-Perceived Value in Forest harvesting operations
Mattias Eriksson, SCA Skog AB

16:20 Efficiency of Biomass Harvesting in Poor Quality Stands of Eucalyptus in Western Australia
Mohammad Reza Ghaffariyan, University of Tasmania
Integrating Woody Biomass Into the US South Wood Supply Chain
Dale Green, University of Georgia

16:40 Estimating Forest Road Aggregate Strength by Measuring Fundamental Aggregate Properties
Rien Visser, University of Canterbury
Multimodal Wood Transport Chains: A Challenge for Economy and Environment
Martin Opferkuch, University of Freiburg

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