Université Laval, Pavillon Palasis-Prince
Short Program
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In the workshops and plenary, we plan to use Adobe Connect technology to allow participants to record and share their comments, suggestions, etc., in real time. All these comments and suggestions will be kept in reference and might be used by the leader and/or experts during the conference.
The 3 links below correspond to the 3 rooms in which the activities will take place. Please refer to the program for the room identification.
  Wednesday, May 28
10:30-12:45 Registration and Welcome Luncheon
  (Atrium Pierre-H.-Lessard)
12:50-13:05 Opening Ceremony
  (auditorium IBM - room 0610)
  Benoit Montreuil, Canada Research Chair in Interconnected Business Engineering, CIRRELT, Université Laval
  Michel Gendron, Dean, Faculty of Business Administration, Université Laval
13:05-14:55 Plenary
  (auditorium IBM - room 0610)
  The Physical Internet - Vision and International Initiative
  Benoit Montreuil, Canada Research Chair in Interconnected Business Engineering, CIRRELT, Université Laval
  Eric Ballot, Professor, Centre de gestion scientifique, Mines ParisTech, France
  Russell D. Meller, Vice-President, Research and Development, Fortna, USA
15:00-15:20 Health & Networking Break
  (Atrium Pierre-H.-Lessard)
W1A - Interconnected City Logistics
and Urban Mobility
(room A: 1317)

Leaders : Teodor Crainic, Olivier Labarthe
Main topics: City logistics, urban mobility and last-mile distribution and delivery
W1B - Routing Protocols
for Interconnected Logistics
(room B: 1307)

Leaders : Eric Ballot, Kimberly Ellis
Main topics:
W2A - Physical Internet Induced
Business Model Innovation
(room A: 1317)

Leaders : Yan Cimon, Jean-François Rougès
Main topics: Physical Internet Induced Business Model Innovation, Legal Innovation and Insurance Innovation
W2B - Digital Protocols & Platforms for
Interconnected Logistics
(room B: 1307)

Leaders : Eric Ballot, George Huang
Main topics: Innovative Open Digital Platforms, Protocols, Systems, Devices and Sensors Supporting PI-centric transactions, monitoring, routing, decisions and planning
17:30-19:30 Knowledge Exchange Event
Including Poster Presentations
  (Hall d'honneur Émilien-Bolduc)
  Thursday, May 29
8:00-8:30 Registration (Coffee & Pastries)
  (Atrium Pierre-H.-Lessard)
8:30-9:45 Plenary
  (room 2317)
  US Logistics and Material Handling Roadmap and the Physical Internet
  Gary Forger, Roadmap Leader and Professional Development Director, MHI, USA
  Kevin Gue, Tim Cook Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering, Auburn University, USA
9:45-10:05 Health & Networking Break
  (Atrium Pierre-H.-Lessard)
T1A - Physical Internet
Network Value Modeling
(room A: 1317)

Leaders : Nick Gazzard
Main topics: Business analysis, network mapping, performance indicators, value-creation relationship
T1B - Physical Internet Containers
(room B: 1307)

Leaders : Daniel Quinn, Russell D. Meller
Main topics: Standard, Green, Smart, Modular Containers for Goods Encapsulation
T2A - Physical Internet
Business Brief Modeling
(room A: 1317)

Leaders : William Loftis
Main topics:
T2B - Interconnected Container Handling
and Storage Technologies
(room B: 1307)

Leaders : Iris Vis
Main topics: Material handling and storage innovation, Technology and system adapted to PI-containers
12:10-13:25 Lunch
  (Terrasse FIÉSA)
13:30-14:30 Plenary
  (room 2317)
  Zero Marginal Cost Society and its Enabling Internet Infrastructure
  Jeremy Rifkin, World Renown Thinker and Bestselling Author
T3A - Interconnected Logistics
Facilities, Platforms and Ports
(room A: 1317)

Leaders : Benoit Montreuil, Pierre Rodrigue
Main topics: Innovative Logistics Facilities & Platforms such as Multimodal Crossdocking Hubs, Seaports, Airports & Open Distribution Centers: The Nodes of the Physical Internet
T3B - Interconnected Reverse
& Container Logistics
(room B: 1307)

Leaders : Suzanne Marcotte, Brandon Demidio
Main topics: Managing the Flow and Availability of Modular and Reusable PI-Containers in PI Logistics Network
15:35-15:55 Health & Networking Break
  (Atrium Pierre-H.-Lessard)
T4A - Interconnected e-Commerce Logistics
& Last-Mile Delivery
(room A: 1317)

Leaders : Benoit Montreuil, Kees Jan Roodbergen
Main topics: City logistics, urban mobility and last-mile distribution and delivery
T4B - Physical Internet
Analytical and Optimization Modeling
(room B: 1307)

Leaders : Chase Rainwater, Walid Klibi
Main topics:
18:00 Bus towards Evening Banquet
(meet at Atrium Pierre-H. Lessard at 17:45)
Hotel Musée Premières Nations
5 Place de la Rencontre, Québec
  Friday, May 30
8:00-8:30 Registration (Coffee & Pastries)
  (Atrium Pierre-H.-Lessard)
8:30-9:45 Plenary
  (room 2317)
  European endeavours toward Physical Internet and interconnected logistics
  Sergio Barbarino, Chief Scientist, P & G Supply Network Innovation Center, Belgium
9:45-10:00 Health & Networking Break
  (Atrium Pierre-H.-Lessard)
F1A - Interconnected Consumer Goods and
Food Logistics: Towards Large-Scale
Innovation, Validation & Appropriation
(room A: 1317)

Leaders : Benoit Montreuil
Main topics: Consumer goods production and flow through retail and e-commerce multi-channels from manufacturers to consumers. Food flow and transformation from nature's fields to people's mouths, notably through the cold and fresh supply chains.
F1B - The Physical Internet Potential in the
Forest and Wood Product Industry
(room B: 1307)

Leaders : Luc Lebel, Nadia Lehoux, Yves Dessurault
Main topics: Forest to Customers, wood fiber products flow and transformation from harvesting in the forests to high value products in the hands of customers.
F2A - Physical Internet Network
Design & Deployment
(room A: 1317)

Leaders : Eric Ballot, Remy Glardon
Main topics:
F2B - Interconnected Regional and Territorial
(room B: 1307)

Leaders : Annie Brassard, Robert Sauvé
Main topics: Country, regional and state wide Logistics Web and backbone networks
12:20-13:55 Lunch
  (Terrasse FIÉSA)
F3A - Towards Smart Interconnected
Electrified Transportation
(room A: 1317)

Leaders : Christian Gagné, Jean Mercier
Main topics: Innovative Handling and Transport Technologies for Efficient and Sustainable Flow of PI-Containers, in harmony with People Flow
F3B - Physical Internet Simulation Modeling
(room B: 1307)

Leaders : Jean-Marc Frayret, Jeffrey Smith
Main topics:
F4A - Towards Physical Internet Standards
(room A: 1317)

Leaders : Michael Ogle
Main topics:
F4B - Interconnected Humanitarian Logistics
(room B: 1307)

Leaders : William Ferrell
Main topics: Humanitarian Logistics Web enabling worldwide coordination and deployment of goods and services from donors to needing people
16:05-16:15 Health & Networking Break
  (Atrium Pierre-H.-Lessard)
Physical Internet: A Global Initiative
Closing Ceremony
(room 2317)