Membre collaborateur
Shahram Heydari
University of Southampton, Department of Civil, Maritime and Environmental Engineering
University of Southampton, bureau 176/4049
023 8059 2834
Dernières publications
Heydari Shahram, Asgharian M., Kelly F.J., Goel R., Potential health benefits of eliminating traffic emissions in urban areas, PLOS ONE, 17, e0264803, 2022

Shoari N., Heydari Shahram, Blangiardo M., School neighbourhood and compliance with WHO-recommended annual NO2 guideline: A case study of Greater London, Science of the Total Environment, 803, 150038, 2022

Chibwe J., Heydari Shahram, Faghih-Imani A., Scurtu A., An exploratory analysis of the trend in the demand for the London bike-sharing system: From London Olympics to Covid-19 pandemic, Sustainable Cities and Society, 69, 102871, 2021

Heydari Shahram, Konstantinoudis G., Behsoodi A.W., Effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on bike-sharing demand and hire time: Evidence from Santander Cycles in London, PLOS ONE, 16, e0260969, 2021

Thakali L., Fu L., Heydari Shahram, A resource optimization framework for improving railway-highway grade crossing safety in Canada, Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, 48(9), 1130-1138, 2021

Heydari Shahram, Miranda-Moreno Luis F., Fu L., Is speeding more likely during weekend night hours? Evidence from sensor-collected data in Montréal, Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, 47(9), 1046-1049, 2020

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