Membre collaborateur
Bilal Farooq
Ryerson University, Department of Civil Engineering
Ryerson University, bureau MON309
416 979-5000 # 6456
Dernières publications
Alizadeh H., Farooq Bilal, Morency Catherine, Saunier Nicolas, Frequent versus occasional drivers: A hybrid route choice model, Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour, doi: 10.1016/j.trf.2019.05.009, vol. 64, pp. 171-183, 2019

Badu-Marfo G., Farooq Bilal, Patterson Zachary, A perspective on the challenges and opportunities for privacy-aware big transportation data, Journal of Big Data Analytics in Transportation, vol. 1(1), pp. 1-23, 2019

Yazdizadeh A., Patterson Zachary, Farooq Bilal, An automated approach from GPS traces to complete trip information, International Journal of Transportation Science and Technology, vol. 8(1), pp. 82-100, 2019

Yazdizadeh A., Patterson Zachary, Farooq Bilal, Ensemble convolutional neural networks for mode inference in smartphone travel survey, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, , 2019

Badu-Marfo G., Patterson Zachary, Farooq Bilal, Challenges and opportunities for privacy aware big transport data: Short-term and long-term outlook, Transportation and Development Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers Conference, , 2018

Wong M., Farooq Bilal, Bilodeau G.-A., Discriminative conditional restricted Boltzmann machine for discrete choice and latent variable modelling, Journal of Choice Modelling, Volume 29, 152-168, 2018

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