Étudiant(e) au doctorat
Genevieve Boisjoly
McGill University, Urbanisme
McGill University, Macdonald-Harrington Building  
Dernières publications
Boisjoly G., El-Geneidy Ahmed M., How to get there? A critical assessment of accessibility objectives and indicators in metropolitan transportation plans, Transport Policy, 55, 38-50, 2017

El-Geneidy Ahmed M., van Lierop D., Grisé E., Boisjoly G., Swallow D., Fordham L., Herrmann T., Get on board: Assessing an all-door boarding pilot project in Montreal, Canada, Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 99, 114-124, 2017

Manaugh K., Boisjoly G., El-Geneidy Ahmed M., Overcoming barriers to active transportation: A mixed methods approach to understanding reasons for not cycling, Transportation, 44(4), 871-884, 2017

Boisjoly G., El-Geneidy Ahmed M., Daily fluctuations in transit and jobs availability: A comparative assessment of time-sensitive accessibility measures, Journal of Transport Geography , 52, 73-81, 2016

El-Geneidy Ahmed M., Levinson D.M., Diab E.I., Boisjoly G., Verbich D., Loong C., The cost of equity: Assessing accessibility by transit and social disparity using total travel cost, Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 91, 302-316, 2016

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